25 August 2022

A general visualization

Today's blog entry is just a quick graphical overview of the work done so far. In the following GIF animation the connections between the LXX (in yellow) and SBLGNT (in cyan) books are shown.

An edge connecting two books means that there is at least one verified quotation in the SBLGNT book, quoted from the LXX book. If an edge is labeled with a number, then multiple verified quotations exist. “Verified” means manual verification here.

(If you have a small screen, it is recommended to download this file first and open it in a new tab in a full screen sized window.)

This figure was created with the GraphViz program. The first versions did not use manual positioning of the nodes. Instead, some random positions were introduced by GraphViz. Those first figures were too chaotic for the first glance – thus I decided to fix the positions to communicate a systematic layout of the books in this presented version.

In the figure, certain nodes are lighter: they play a role among the quotations. Non-cited LXX books or SBLGNT books that do not contain a verified quotation are colored somewhat darker.

Some people may find the animation annoying. For them I provide a static version with all connections (with dotted lines) shown at the same time:

(If you have a small screen, download this file first and open it in a larger window.)

I presented this figure at the Sunday sermon of the local Baptist church in Csongrád, Hungary, 21 August 2022, as a first public communication of my work.


My friend Csaba Faragó helped me improve the first version of this entry.

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