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XaoS is a community-supported free software project.

Users' Discussion Group

The xaos-users discussion group on Google Groups provides a place for XaoS users to help each other get the most out of XaoS. XaoS developers also monitor this discussion and answer questions from time to time.

You must join this group in order to post here. However, Google Groups provides a range of options for participation from a traditional mailing list to a completely web-based forum, so you don’t have to get emails if you don’t want to.

If you have a question or problem, please feel free to ask for help. We also encourage you to share examples (.xaf or .xpf files), hints and tips. If you have a gallery of images created using XaoS, feel free to post a link to it here.

Developers' Discussion Group

The xaos-devel discussion group on Google Groups is a place for XaoS developers to discuss and coordinate the further development of XaoS. XaoS users are welcome to monitor this forum as well, but general discussion and requests for help should be posted to the Users’ Discussion Group instead.

Bug Reports

If you think you have found a bug in XaoS, please report it. The developers will do their best to resolve the bug in a timely manner.

Please don’t submit duplicate bugs. Browse the existing ones first to make sure nobody has already reported it. You may add additional information about a bug by entering a comment on an existing bug.

If you are not sure if something is a bug, please open a support request. The developers will try to answer your question and can convert your support request to a bug if necessary.

Feature Requests

If you have an idea for a great new feature you’d like to XaoS, please let us know about it. You can submit a feature request via SourceForge, and the XaoS developers will do their best to implement your request in a future version.

Please don’t submit duplicate feature requests. Browse the existing ones first to make sure nobody has already requested the feature your want. You may add your vote for a feature by adding a comment to the existing request.


If you find XaoS a worthy project and you want it to be continued, please consider to make a donation. Currently the project maintainer, Zoltan Kovacs is the only person of the developers who is available to receive donations via the SourceForge system. Alternatively, you may also order some high quality fractal images on delivered by Particio BT., a Hungarian company committed to develop open source mathematics software.

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