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XaoS 3.2.2 Released


The new version, 3.2.2, has been released for download. This version includes a native Mac OS X user interface (with pre-built binaries) and other minor bug fixes.

CVS Update: Mac OS X Port


The newest CVS now includes J. B. Langston’s OS X port.

Mac OS X Port


J.B. Langston offers his unofficial version of XaoS 3.2.1 for Mac OS X. Within a few weeks we will try to merge it with the CVS mainstream. Until then, please have a look on his web page about the XaoS Mac OS X port.

Update: this link has been removed now that the Mac OS X port is part of the official release. Go to the download page for more information.]

Windows Binaries


Andreas Madritsch built a new binary package for version 3.2. (Andreas, thank you!) It has been tested under OpenSuSE Linux 10.0 with Wine.

winxaos32-1.jpg winxaos32-2.jpg

XaoS 3.2.1 Released


The newest stable version is 3.2.1 which shows bigger fonts in bigger resolutions. In addition, the Spidron fractal is included. See some great pictures here. See the RELEASE NOTES and the ChangeLog for details.

XaoS 3.2 Released


After 3 years of calm work, we released version 3.2 of the multi-platform fractal zoomer software, XaoS. Version 3.2 became a great tool to zoom into some classic fractals: the Sierpinski gasket and the Koch snowflake.

XaoS 3.2 Screenshots


Version 3.2 is not yet released, however we are proud to announce some screenshots of the forthcoming release:

If you are interested, you can test the developers' version from CVS.

XaoS 3.1.3 Released


Version 3.1.3 has been released which compiles under gcc 4.0 as well. Thanks to Philippe Wautelet for the fix!

rtzme 0.7.0 Released


rtzme-0.7.0 has been released.

CVS Update: New Fractal Types Added


Árpád Fekete contributed 2 new fractal types which can be downloaded from the CVS (see src/engine/formulas.c).

Call for XaoS Animators


Jeremiah LaMontagne announces the following call for XaoS animators:

I am an independent film maker located in the U.S. I am beginning a project about Fractals in which I would like to feature a number of fractal animations. Right now I am looking for people who are interested in collaborating and contributing their work to this film.

Right now the film is in the research and development phase. I am in the process of working out a rough outline of the film and gathering a group of people interested in the project and willing to contribute some of their artwork. My goal with the film is to give exposure to the recent developments that make fractal animations possible and the artists who are exploring this digital medium. At the same time I am interesting in educating people about the basic math used to create fractals and the history behind their discovery.

I think that Xaos represents a significant contribution in the online fractal community because it is open source (which I am admittedly favorably biased towards) and available to multiple platforms. So I wanted to take this chance to offer the Xaos user base a chance to contribute to the project.

Please feel free to email me if you are interest or have questions at “jeremiah.lamontagne at Wholefoods dot com” which I typed out because I would prefer that information not be spidered.

Thank you for your time,
Jeremiah LaMontagne

Details available at www.fractalfilm.com

rtzme 0.6 released


rtzme has an improved version (0.6), see the screenshot below. Hopefully we will be able to add such a fast formula parser into XaoS 4.0 as exists in rtzme.

CVS Update: DirectX Improvements


Andreas Madritsch provided a new dxguid.c file in order to solve the problem with the DirectX header files.

CVS Update: New French Translation


Philippe Wautelet contributed a new version of fr.po which adds many new translations for French users. An fr.mo file is also provided for those users who cannot compile this file from the source.

XaoS 3.1.2 Released


Version 3.1.2 is released. This release fixes the perturbation toggling problem on most new versions of gcc, and the 'load a random example' menu option also works now.

Buy Printed Fractals and Support XaoS


Printed fractal images are offered by Particio BT., Hungary. With your ordering you also support further development of XaoS (which is still developed without your ordering, however you can encourage and speed up some people to make XaoS more convenient and have more options than now).

XaoS 3.1.1 Released


Version 3.1.1 is released. This release is a CVS snapshot freeze for those who are using newer systems. The most important update is a fix for gcc-3.4. There are also improvements in French and Spanish translations, some more example files (contributed by Zsigmond Kovacs) and some fixes which patch annoying problems. For other issues please read the ChangeLog file. Volunteers may help us creating binary releases for 3.1.1.

rtzme 0.5.1 released


Zoltan Kovacs released the first pre-alpha version (0.5.1) of Real-Time Zooming Math Engine which includes the XaoS zooming algorithm and very fast formula parser capabilities.


XaoS Compiling under Mac OS X

Andreas Madritsch summarized how one can compile XaoS under Mac OS X. Go to the FAQ to read about the details.


CVS Update: XaoS patch for gcc-3.4

Patrick Kursawe's patch for gcc-3.4 has been applied to the CVS tree.

Web Page Redesign

Nov 2, 2004

The XaoS web page will be redesigned in a few weeks. Its current stage can be always watched on http://wmi.math.u-szeged.hu/~kovzol/XaoS/. Any feedback is welcome! We also want to release the new version, 3.1.1, which will be mainly a maintenance release.

May 23, 2004

Based on the amazing fast zooming algorithm in XaoS, Zoltan Kovacs wrote a simple program which can zoom into complex functions. The coloring method is using the color wheel visualization algorithm. For details, go to http://www.math.u-szeged.hu/~kovzol/complex_plot.

Updated Spanish Translation

Mar 4, 2004

Giorgio Marazzi updated, fixed and improved the Spanish catalog file, catalogs/espanhol.cat.

Updated French Translation

Sep 8, 2003

There is a new catalogs/francais.cat file made by Jean-Pierre Demailly (Jean-Pierre.Demailly@ujf-grenoble.fr). Please note that the DGA driver for XaoS 3.1 will not compile under gcc-3.3 due to some special changes in gcc.

XaoS 3.1 Released

Mar 27, 2003

Version 3.1 has been released. It now supports Microsoft Windows for internationalization and contains all features added earlier into XaoS.

XaoS 3.1 Delayed Again

Feb 28, 2003

Unfortunately we were not able to release version 3.1 in February, however under Linux and many other Unix-like operating systems XaoS works very stable. Before trying the latest version from CVS, please read the current version of RELEASE_NOTES. Version 3.1 will also contain updated tutorials done by Andreas Madritsch and hardwired (unelegant) support for internationalization for Windows users as well.

XaoS 3.1 Pre-Release Binaries

Feb 18, 2003

Before releasing 3.1, there are some test binaries available mainly for Microsoft Windows (and also for DOS and Linux). Please read prerelease notes before downloading any files.

XaoS 3.1 Delayed

Feb 15, 2003

The release is unfortunately being late for some days. Please be patient… :-)

New Features in 3.1

Feb 6, 2003

Documentation has been updated. XaoS now compiles on Mac OS X. Release 3.1 is planned to push out on 15 February 2003 which will contain DOS and Windows binaries with internationalization as well. Translators are wanted to start/continue/finish work on making XaoS available for different languages. (XaoS 3.1 will support only Czech, Spanish and Hungarian translations and – for tutorials only – German and French languages. Volunteers are needed for translating XaoS to other languages.)

XaoS 3.1 Pre-Release 6

Jan 22, 2003

XaoS 3.1pre6 is released. This should be the last prerelease before the official release of version 3.1.

XaoS Web Page Update

Jan 15, 2003

XaoS web page is alive again! We are working on version 3.1 which contains many major improvements to 3.0. It also contains some more fractal types, checked and updated help system and internationalization. We moved the web pages onto the SourceForge developer server site and there is a new Czech mirror at www.ucz.cz/~hubicka/XaoS. US mirror at xaos.theory.org is also working, however both mirrors may contain outdated information. Latest information of developing state may be viewed on developers page.

We are alive again!

Feb 8, 2001

XaoS project has been almost dead for over one year. We are up and alive again - our experimental sources are in the CVS and we hope to have next major release soon. We've moved to the SourceForge. Lots of things have changed since latest 3.0 release from 1998 including new GUI, ports, important speedups etc. We need help to polish everything for 3.1 (or 4.0?)

XaoS 3.1 Pre-Release Available

Sep 15, 1999

New prerelease is available both in source and binary form. The new DOS and Windows binaries are available from the development page. It contains the new 3d filter and some other improvements. I hope it is last one before the long delayed official release.

Disk Crash

Sep 15, 1999

We've recovered from yet another disc crash, now at our ftp/mailing list server. Everything is up again, but you need to re-subscribe to the xaos, xaos-announce and xaos-devel lists by sending “subscribe ” to majordomo@horac.ta.jcu.cz. Thanks.

Aug 15, 1999

Few images done using new 3d filter has been added to our gallery.

Pre-Release for Windows

May 25, 1999

New prerelease of XaoS for Windows. See our developers page.

US Mirror

Mar 25, 1999

We have new US mirror. New page about development vesions of XaoS.

Disk Crash

Dec 25, 1998

We are back after the disc crash. MPEGs from animation gallery are lost. if you have local copies, please send them to my address. contains the first chapter of tutorial “an introduction to fractals”

Apr 30, 1998

Added an animation gallery, which contains the first chapter of tutorial “an introduction to fractals”