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Sample Images

This gallery demonstrates the incredible variety of images that can be created with XaoS.

Sample 3D Images

This gallery demonstrates the types of images that can be generated using the Pseudo-3D filter.

Sample Animations

The following movies are actual tutorials that are built into XaoS:

These are some additional movies demonstrating the types of animations that can be created using XaoS:

User-Contributed Galleries

We would love to show off your creations. If you have made some interesting pictures or animations, please register on the Wiki and upload them.

Skull fractal

These images have been generated using XaoS with an added new fractal, which is called skull fractal.

Hiperspeed Mandelbrot

This is a bit modified Mandelbrot formula. To get it you have to set set
z0=sin(Re_c)+i Im_c
instead of setting z0=0
more info visit → mateusz malczak 2007/02/09 18:37

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