Truecolor coloring mode

Syntax:(intcoloring integer)

Syntax:(outtcoloring integer)

Truecolor coloring modes are similar to incolor and <a outcoloring>outcolor]] coloring modes; but instead of using a palette, they directly calculate the red, green and blue components of the color. This lets you display more parameters at once, and produces interesting and often attractive results. On 8bpp displays you need to enable the palette emulator filter first to see anything, amd the quality won't be so good, as far fewer colors are available per parameter.

The tutorial on truecolor coloring modes has more information and examples.

The cryptic names of the modes are always three mathematical formulae (one for each color component), where real means the real part of the latest orbit, and imag means the imaginary part.

To enable inside/outside truecolor coloring mode in the scripting language, set incoloring/outcoloring value to 10 (truecolor coloring mode) before (or after) calling intcoloring or outtcoloring.

In the scripting language, the coloring mode is specified by one of the following integers:

  • 0


  • 1

re*im sin(re^2) angle

  • 2

sin(re) sin(im) sin(square)

  • 3


  • 4


  • 5

cos(re^c) cos(im^2) cos(square)

  • 6

abs(re^2) abs(im^2) abs(square)

  • 7

re*im re*re im*im

  • 8

abs(im*cim) abs(re*cre) abs(re*cim)

  • 9

abs(re*im-csqr) abs(re^2-csqr) abs(im^2-csqr)

Available as: command line option, command