Zooming speed

Syntax:(speed float)

Change zooming speed, where 1 is the default, 2 means twice as fast, and so on.

Available as: menu item, command line option, command

In the scripting language you can use the following functions for better control:

Syntax:(maxstep float)

Selects the zooming/unzooming speed. The parameter specifies how much of the range will be removed each twentieth of a second; 0 means nothing, 1 means everything (the parameter obviously has to be less than 1). Higher values mean faster zooming.

Available as: command

Syntax:(speedup float) When zooming/unzooming, every twentieth of a second the speedup value is added to the current step until maxstep is reached. So this value selects the rate at which zooming stops and starts. Both these functions are more for internal use of XaoS then for manually written scripts, but they could come in useful nonetheless.

Available as: command