Image rotation

XaoS has support for rotation of the image to any angle. By default, changing the angle requires recalculation of the whole screen, but when fast rotation mode is enabled, the angle can be changed smoothly. In this mode XaoS calculates a larger non-rotated image and rotates it when needed, so it increases memory requirements and slows XaoS down; hence, it should be disabled when rotation is not being used.

The user interface provides two rotation modes–rotate by mouse which allows the angle to be changed by dragging with the first mouse button depressed, and continuous rotation mode, where the image is rotated clockwise continuously, and the arrow keys can be used to change the rotiation speed.

Syntax:(fastrotate bool)

This function is used to enable and disable fast rotation mode. Available as: command line option, command

Automatic rotation

Syntax:(autorotate bool)

Use this function to enable continuous rotation. In the scripting language you can also use ''morphangle'' to get an outwardly similar but more controllable effect.

Syntax:(rotationspeed float)

Specify the speed of continuous rotation, in degrees per second. Negative values are allowed and rotate anticlockwise.

Available as: menu item, command line option, command