Plan9 driver

Plan9 is a very nice small operating system by the authors of Unix at Bell Labs. It is very incompatible with other operating systems; even the C compiler and header files are different, but XaoS should work well there (even on the limited free demo installation without any POSIX compatibility stuff)

There are a few limitations: the file selector and image saving don't work. You can save position files and then later render them on the other OS, or save screenshots.

Plan9 terminals also don't provide any way to catch the arrow keys, so you can't use them. Use the mouse to navigate in the menus. Also, getting the screen resolution is impossible, so use -pixelwidth and -pixelheight instead of -screenwidth and -screenheight.

By default XaoS changes the colormap. This will collide with other colorful programs like Mortha. You can disable this behavior using -nopalette switch, but this will slow down XaoS.

Plan9 driver was written by Jan Hubicka, 1997.