Welcome to XaoS - a real-time fractal zoomer.

This documentation is a automatically converted from the original on-line help file by a script. It is currently risky to modify anything in the manual section because the documents may be regenerated from the source without any warning. The conversion is not perfect yet, so there may be some formatting errors.

XaoS is free software. You are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. It also means that you may get sources and help its authors with the development.

If you don't know what a fractal is, please try the tutorial “An introduction to fractals”. If you are new to XaoS you should try it too, since it is quite a good example of XaoS's features.

To see more about XaoS' features, try the tutorial “XaoS features overview”.

Both the tutorials are divided into chapters and available from help menu. So you don't need to watch them all at once (they are about half an hour long)

Where to get up-to date information

The XaoS homepage is http://xaos.sf.net and we also have three mailing lists.

Other things to read