XaoS is free software. One of the most significant rights its license grants to you is the right to freely get, study and improve its source code, which is available from the XaoS homepage.

If you want to do some development, you are encouraged to send your work back to the authors; if it is well done, it will be added to the next release. All changes should be sent to my address:

XaoS has open development model. Development versions are available at SourceForge website (, so if you are interested in the development, you might try them. We also have a developers mailing list, where you might subscribe, if you want to be informed about latest development, discuss various things and so on.

We need many developers. XaoS is quite easily extensible. You might want to read a bit about its internals in the file doc/ XaoS is also portable, so if it doesn't work on your favorite platform (or there is just an old version available), you could quite easily port it.

We also need authors for tutorials, people who can translate them into a foreign language etc…