(alphabetically) (translation of tutorials)

Updates for French translation

GTK interface, windowid patches

cs.po (Czech translation of menus)

some new fractals, and the 'More formulae' menu corrections

autoconf suggestions, Mac OS X port

Zooming routines, ugly interface, palettes, drivers, autopilot, filters, documentation, tutorials etc.

BeOS driver,

OS/2 ports (320×200 graphics and AA-lib)

Internationalization, Hungarian translations, finalizing version 3.1, bug fixes, web design, current maintainer

Fractal examples

Native Mac OS X port (from version 3.2.2)

New fractal types, bailout, many fixes

User formula evaluation library

Improvements and fixes for

First zoomer, formulae, planes, X11 driver, inversions, many ideas

Macintosh port (version 2.0)

Grammatical and spelling fixed version of xaos.6

Ministatus improvement

Grammatical and spelling fixed version of xaos.hlp and other files

Amiga port

Spanish translations

Periodicity checking

Win32 port

Fractal examples

Small fixes for pipes

Win32 support

Tcl/Tk interface

Macintosh port

Bug fixes for version 3.1.1, French translation, gcc 4.0 fixes

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